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Develop Your Talent

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Centre Authorised by the Autonomous Community of Madrid

Education of the highest quality and official diploma

The new Monteverdi Centro Autorizado de Enseñanzas Elementales y Profesionales (Authorized Centre for Elementary and Professional Music Studies) was created with a view to becoming one of the model centres for musical education in Spain.

Our goal is to offer high quality music education so that our students may develop their talent and abilities to the highest level possible. The centre has specially trained faculty and employs new pedagogical techniques focused on helping each individual make the most of their time with us.

Educational Project Elementary Diploma Professional Diploma

Education of the highest quality and official diploma

An educational project that is unique in Spain

After careful study of other educational systems, we have developed our own innovative plan that draws from the best in music education for the benefit of our students and their potential.

It is based on a unified system where musical training forms the base, as well as education in the use of all of the practical and theoretical tools that every musician needs in order to advance in the world of music.

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Profesorado y experiencia para el progreso del alumno

Faculty with training and experience for our students’ progress

Our teaching staff hold advanced diplomas and have years of experience in their areas of specialization, all for the benefit of our students. They are able to adapt to the pupils needs and guide them on their artistic path.

In each of the different areas, we offer personalised teaching, total dedication to the student and continuous evaluation of their progress, all in creative, professional surroundings.

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