An innovative music education project

We welcome all music lovers who are looking for high quality music education.

Monteverdi is the new Centro Autorizado de Enseñanzas Elementales y Profesionales de Música (Authorized Centre for Elementary and Professional Music Studies) with an official diploma, certified by the Comunidad de Madrid.

Our centre was created to be one of the model centres for musical education in Spain, where we have developed our own innovative education system, for the benefit of our students and their talent.

Our teaching staff hold advanced diplomas and have years of experience in their areas of specialization, enabling them to adapt to the individual needs of each student and to guide them on their artistic path.

The classrooms have the equipment and instruments needed to guarantee high quality education. The centre is also equipped with an auditorium with a stage, a recording studio and practice rooms, providing a perfect atmosphere for our students to study and even be advised by their teachers.

In addition, we hold concerts, Masterclasses and other complementary activities for the students and anyone interested in music.

Finally, it should be noted that because Monteverdi is an official centre, our students are eligible for scholarships from the Ministry of Education and the Comunidad de Madrid.

To anyone who is looking for top quality music education to develop your talent and skills, we welcome you.

Javier Hermosa

Director of Monteverdi