Educational Project

Educational project

Innovation and practice in teaching to train professional musicians

The Monteverdi educational project represents great innovation in the field of music education, based on a practical focus designed to guide our students towards a future working in the music industry.

In order to create our centre, we carefully studied other renowned education systems from around the world so that we could build our own, very personal one that would adapt to the current professional reality, and so position us as one of the most advanced centres in Spain.

All of our teaching is based on a unified system, where basic musical training is the essential element, as is learning to use all of the tools that every musician needs.

One of the main characteristics of our programme is the use of 21st century musical language, including the purest classical technique, to develop in our students an open mind, while helping them develop broad harmonic knowledge that includes musical language, as well as incorporating foreign languages in the curriculum, so that our students are prepared for the worldwide musical future.

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Educational project