Elementary Diploma

Elementary Diploma

Start by learning solid basic musical concepts.

Elementary Music Education is a first contact with the world of music. The objective of this learning is for the students to develop a love of music naturally, at the same time they are developing individual abilities such as study, memory, sensitivity, autonomy and concentration.

This stage is the most important of all, as it is during these first years that a solid base is formed; it is upon this solid base that the students will later be able to continue building their professional skills.

Our focus is very practical and it is designed to develop the language of musical communication, as well as to help the students create a firm set of tools that will enable them to accept and musical challenge that presents itself.

In order to enrol in Monteverdi, pupils must pass a specific admissions test for the year and instrument the candidate has chosen. To enrol in the first year of the Elementary Diploma, the test is generic and may include material from each of the admissions tests.

Once the candidate has passed the admissions test or, in the case of a transfer student, their transfer materials have been accepted, they will formalize their enrolment in the centre.

Educational Plan and Specialties Timetable - 2020/21

Elementary Diploma